Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Can It Be True?

My baby turned six today. How have six years gone by so fast? Didn't I just have him? I keep telling him to slow down. That it is hard for mamas to see their babies grow up. It is such a bittersweet experience. He, of course, is excited by every year that he gets older. Growing up is still a very exciting prospect. He now considers himself a "medium-sized" boy. I am no longer allowed to say "baby-boy" or "little boy." But how can I not? He is my baby. He is the youngest and, by default, will always be the baby. He still loves to snuggle and hold my hand. Yet, I see in ever more obvious ways his growing up. He reads, rides a bike without a training wheels, and asks me how my day was. He is cautiously independent and takes school very seriously. He wants to learn and keep up with his brother and sister. And, he is doing it! But that smile is all baby to me. I hope it never leaves his face. Happy Birthday, Lucky!

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