Friday, May 7, 2010

Elizabeth George

I love Elizabeth George's Inspector Lynley mysteries. It is my absolute favorite series. Her books are big and involved. They take time to absorb. I am currently reading her newest one, This Body of Death. Due to a major event that has happened to one of the main characters, her last two books had dealt with that issue. This is the first one in awhile where the whole team is working together again and I am loving it! The character's in her books move forward and you really start to connect with their lives. So much so, that sometimes the mystery gets in the way of knowing what is going on with them personally. I wish so much that I could call Elizabeth up and ask what is going to happen to Barbara, Thomas and Winston. I NEED TO KNOW!! She only puts out a book every couple of years, which is not nearly often enough. I find myself becoming very impatient. So Elizabeth, if you happen to read this, please write faster!!


ms. kitty said...

I'm reading the same book, PS, and loving it. Elizabeth George is a Whidbey Island resident much of the year and recently did a local reading from this latest book. She's also a local philanthropist and has donated big bucks to the purchase of a local land parcel to save it from development.

I like the way she tackles ethical issues as well; her characters are so well-drawn that you can almost see their minds work as they grapple not only with murder but with personal right and wrong and, interestingly, collegial issues.

I especially am enjoying how the collegial issues between Lynley, Havers, Nkata, and Ardery are playing out.

plaidshoes said...

I am very envious Kit! I would love to meet her some day. I also like how she tackles ethical issues. Many times I have to just pause and ponder the points she is making. After finishing the book, I am now even more intrigued by the Lynley/Haver/Ardery relationship. Mostly, though, I am glad everyone is back together!