Sunday, May 9, 2010

Suburban Farming

It is no secret that I am desperate to have a small/micro farm. I dream of having ten-twenty acres with with apple and walnut trees. I also envision a huge garden and mini vineyard. I would have chickens, turkeys and a couple of dwarf goats. It would be my slice of heaven! It is very appearant, though, that this is no where near happening any time soon. I am trying to readjust this vision to fit my current circumstances: suburban life.

I need to just get going on my plans and work with what I have. The main garden is started, and I have made a (hopefully) better plan in laying out the plants to maximize space. I need to quickly expand the kitchen and medicinal herb areas. Many of the plants came back bigger then ever and I need more room! The hops are doing well, but could use better trelissing. The blueberry bushes need to be moved and I need to replace one of the raspberry plants. Thankfully, the other three survived the winter. We have planted two honey crisp apple trees and now I need to find a walnut tree(s). Additionally, I want to get some grapes started this year. Happily, the strawberries have started to come in. One family member in particular could hardly stand the wait and has made a huge dent in the supply.
I am hoping next year I can plant some grains and maybe convince my husband to have a few chickens! Today, after hiking at Pere Marquette, we got lost in the wilds of Illinois farmland, and I realized that I am starting to get behind in my planting. There are just not enough hours in the day. I will be glad when school is out and we can just have some long, non-busy, gardening days at home!


Heather said...

Yes, yes, yes to everything you've said here. Yes to the longing, and yes to doing what you can here & now.

plaidshoes said...

Thanks, Heather. Easier said then done! ;-)