Monday, July 19, 2010

Drama Queen

There is a long standing joke within the family that my sister is a Drama Queen. She is well aware of this title. Drama just continually surrounds her. In her youth, you could say that she was the source, but now it just finds her. There are never quiet moments. I am not sure why, but my guess would be that she is so open-hearted and believes the best in everyone (plus being extremely social) that she has an energy that attracts everything to her. Her wedding was no different.

Overall, it went beautifully. It may be best to just stay on that level.... But, the stories are more fun. The day before we all get there, her son wakes up with a horrible tooth ache. She takes him to the dentist and he decides it needs to be pulled. After a lot of hard work, the tooth finally comes out with the longest root attached the dentist has ever seen. This is a baby tooth and it won't fit into the holder! Her son, of course, is in a lot of pain. They get home and proceeds to throw up all over her couch. Not the bucket in front of him, but the couch, with company coming the next day.

We, then, all descended on her house Friday. She lives outside St. Paul, Minnesota. Pretty much all the family had to travel to her. Her finance's family is also from out of state. T and I were very nervous because this would be the first time our divorced parents and their new spouses would be in the same room together. It actually went well, if not a little awkward. Then I find out that T. saw dad's wife totally upset with him that my mom was there. What did she expect? That my mom wouldn't show up to her own daughter's wedding? Thankfully, my dad held his ground and as time went on, things warmed up.

The next day, the friend/decorator was to come and get all the decorations for the party. My mom had to meet her to drop off our surprise cake*. Of course the lady was two hours late and didn't know how to back up her own car(!). Thank God my mom and J. were there to help her get everything on to the boat because you had to back the car down this long ramp. I also need to note that Saturday was a gorgeous day except this pesky weather report stating a monster storm was headed our way.

In T.'s wedding invite, she stated that the actual service was going to be on a cliff. Supposedly it was a gentle walk up it. Since she said "gentle" most of us opted to go up. Well one person's gentle is another's rock climb. Amazingly, all of us made it. The view from the cliff was beautiful. It was all well, until they start the ceremony and I realize that my dad is not there! He is helping his 87 y/o dad walk up this "gentle" cliff. I am about to start waving my arms to stop, but thankfully as they are just about to say the I dos, my dad shows up. He and T. would have been heartbroken if he had missed it.

We slowly make our way down and the rain starts. It is gentle and we think that we have lucked out and missed the big storm. The boat is packed but we are all having a nice time. The view is just beautiful and the kids are loving it. We eat dinner and people start milling about. Thankfully T is upstairs because all of sudden a guest passes out, hits his head and falls to the ground. Minor chaos ensues and yells of 911. I wonder though, we were in the middle of a river, I am not sure how they would have gotten there. Evidently, the EMT kit is on the top deck, where T is. She sees it and the captain get nervous and thinks a child has gone overboard and starts to panic. After some tense minutes, the guy wakes up and manages to sit up. He has a nice lump on his head, but refuses to see a doctor.

Then the storm hits. It is HUGE. Everyone races to the lower deck and we close all the windows. Local parents are getting phone calls from their kids crying because they are in the basement due to tornado sightings. Parents are stressed because there is nothing they can do. To me, it felt like Gilligan's Island. We were totally stuck on this boat just rocking out the storm. Pretty soon everyone was feeling claustrophobic and a tad panicky. We eventually make it back to the dock, but aren't allowed to get off. The ramp to the boat is a huge downward incline and all the rain is rushing down it. If we open the doors, the boat would flood. We try to stay positive and eventually we are allowed out. It was a wet and dark drive back to the hotel, but I was so happy to get there! We learned that the hotel had to evacuate everyone to the basement while we were gone. I am glad I didn't know how bad it was until after it was all over.

T and T, amazingly, stayed in good spirits and were able to just go with it. Because, in the end, they got married and have lots of great stories to tell!

*My mom used to make us these cakes all the time. T. had decided not to have a cake, but a cookie bar. We felt she still needed a cake and made this up for her. She loved it.


Bridgett said...

Wedding stories are so much fun. Although I must say, your dad's wife? When you're the second marriage and the first marriage didn't end in death or incarceration, it's time to get over thyself. But I say that as someone not in that situations, so, yeah...

plaidshoes said...

I totally agree, Bridgett. I really like my dad's wife, but sometimes her insecurities get a little over the top and frustrating!