Friday, July 9, 2010


This cute little boy was SEVEN days late. Seven days where the average temperature in St. Louis was 100 degrees. I had pretty much given up any hope that he would ever make an appearance. I had mentally resigned myself to being forever pregnant and uncomfortable. So much so, that when I finally went into labor, I didn't believe it. I just thought I had ate some really bad food. Husband had to convince me to go to the hospital (even though I was almost doubled over in pain). It was three in the morning and I didn't want to go out and I especially didn't want him to call his parents to come and watch Daughter! Insist he did and a few hours later he was born. Then a year of colic progressed and a borderline "failure to thrive" diagnosis. He weaned himself at nine months on a car trip to Pennsylvania. I sometimes wonder how we made it through that year, but we did.

And what a difference time makes! Today he is NINE!!!! He is never late for anything. In fact, he is the first up and the first ready. He gets things done quicker then anyone. His brain is constantly working solving problems. You can almost see the wheels turning. He is compassionate and caring (although this doesn't always extend to his little brother ;-). His love of animals is amazing. I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes a veterinarian. That is, if engineering doesn't get him first. He has an awesome sly sense of humor and quirky smile. We are so lucky that he is part of our lives. I love you, J! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


Lizard Eater said...

What joy. Congratulations on such a beautiful bouncing boy, 9 years late.

Mickbic said...

I became a parent for the first time thirty six years ago today when my daughter Melissa was born in a basement apartment in Ottawa, Ontario. I have spent a good bit of the last two months with her and her two younger siblings in Asheville North Carolina, the city they all have called home since the fall of 1983.