Thursday, August 12, 2010

Great Philly Road Trip: Part II - The Happy (b)

Saturday and Sunday afternoons were spent at the Landestreffen. This year it was hosted by the United German-Hungarian Club of Oakford, PA (outside of Philadelphia). After spending Friday learning so much about our early American history, it was kind of mind jolt to be surrounded by so much German culture. I am glad though. Both husband and I have a lot of German in our background, but neither of our families really delved into it. This despite my grandmas growing up in a German speaking home and Husbands grandparents both having German ancestry. I am also really enjoying it because one of my undergrad majors was in German, so it was fun hearing it spoken around me. I just wish I remembered more.

To start the event, all the German culture groups marched it. There were groups from Canada(2), Los Angelas, Milwaukee, Chicago(2), Cleavland, Philadelphia, Cincinnati and St. Louis.

They came close to filling a whole soccer field. There were the customary welcomes and anthem singing. Then the party began! At all times there was either a German band playing or a German dance group performing. There were vendors and food. It sort of felt like a mini-Oktoberfest. There were dance troops of all ages. It was fun to see their interpretation of the folk dances. Since this was not a competition year, they really had fun with them - especially the teenage groups.

Daughter performed in the younger youth group. I was super proud of them. They didn't get the best time slot, but they did a great job. It was worth the whole trip to just see her smile and have so much fun. She can be really shy and reserved, but opened up a lot on this trip. She had a blast.

I wish I could show more pictures, but I don't like to put up photos of the web without the peoples consent. I did, though, see more dirndls (traditional folk dresses) then I have ever seen in my life. The variety was amazing. Everyone was wearing them. It was fun to see all the older ladies rocking them. One of the groups from Chicago actually had custom made Chicago Blackhawk (hockey) dirndls made to celebrate their Stanley Cup win. I was disappointed there wasn't more lederhosens ;-) It appeared that only the Schulplatter groups were brave enough to wear them.

Overall, a very fun time!

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