Monday, September 27, 2010

Mice & Oktoberfest

There were/are mice in the house. This saga started a couple of weeks ago when I noticed droppings in the basement around my stored potatoes. Husband also noticed that his brewing grains had been ransacked. Little did I realize how extensive the damage was. Our basement is partially finished, but we hadn't been down there much since the flood in August. Well, that was to our detriment. The more I looked around, the more I realized that there was mouse poop EVERYWHERE. It was even all over the kids lego table (which brings up ideas that it was living in the lego castle...) and in the toy box. They gnawed their way through picture albums, Christmas stockings and pooped in all my spare pans and canning supplies. The more we uncovered, the sicker I began to feel. We had caught one last week and then nothing. So we started cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. Last night Husband was cleaning his workroom (where all the grains had been stored) and a mouse actually ran by him. Off to the store for more and different type of traps. He promptly caught two more. Where will this end?! We now have a variety of traps all over the basement. Do I dare be positive and think there were only three? The amount of cleaning we have been doing is massive, but I still feel like the basement is contaminated. The only (and I mean only) upside is that we have really cleaned out a lot of stuff that we just don't need. This will come in handy when we eventually have to have waterproofers come in and tear up the floor. But, I would much rather just not have a mouse. Between the basement flood and mice, apartment living is looking very attractive.

On top of this, September and October are busy months for the band and Daughter's German dance group. It has been fun playing at the various Oktoberfest's, but I have realized, again, how I really don't like crowds - especially ones with lots of drunk people. I think I am getting old and crotchety :-). Thankfully, when Daughter performs, it is usually in the afternoons and the crowds are mostly families.

I hope your Septembers are going well and mouse free!

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