Monday, September 13, 2010


words are still coming out wrong. Moving to Wyoming is looking better and better.

When I am not making a fool of myself and annoying everyone around me, I did manage to go apple picking and can applesauce. Daughter made her first apple pie - all by herself and I made this fabulous dessert.

On a UU note, we had a great ingathering and picnic. It was so nice to see everyone after the summer "break".


Anonymous said...

the only reason I can't think of a recent time I've put my foot in my mouth is probably because I am oblivious. At least you are aware of your social environment! Or, if you're just sharing your opinion, the annoyed will just have to deal with their annoyance. not your responsibility. Or, if you were being downright unreasonably bitchy (which I can't picture), who hasn't been there at one point or another? Anyway, hope i covered all the bases of what's up! the point is, you are loved in this corner. don't move to wyoming. move to shaw! xo Mary

plaidshoes said...

Mary, that was the most perfect thing to say. Thank you! I can see why you are so good at your job ;-) I will be back to the blog soon. There has just been a lot going on around here that I need to get a handle on/my head around.