Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy & a little Sad

Above is one of my herb boxes. I am so excited, that due to the warm fall, my herbs have had a second life. I had been disappointed earlier in the season that I had not done a great job of harvesting. My dill came in super early and I didn't make the time to process it. I had also thought that my parsley was a lost cause. But, low and behold, it is going like gangbusters! I have already had a very good season of rosemary, thyme, sage, chives, and oregano. Even the lavender did well. Tomorrow I am planning on doing a lot of drying in hopes that I will have plenty through the winter.

Yesterday, the kids had their yearly doctor's check-up. Youngest son had been battling a rough cough for a couple of weeks and I mentioned it to the doctor. She listened to his lungs and asked if I had heard him wheezing. I hadn't noticed any wheezing, but evidently, to her ears, it was quite bad. She said that if it had been her or me, we would be in bed. She immediately gave him a breathing treatment and diagnosed him with walking pneumonia! Now he is on antibiotics and an inhaler. Poor little guy - I feel horrible that he has been dealing with this for so long. Hopefully he will be feeling a lot better in a day or two.

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Bridgett said...

I can never hear the wheezing until it becomes, what is it called, retraction? Then I know it's bad. It's so hard, though, to know what's a cough/bad cold and what is BAD.