Thursday, November 18, 2010

Not Feeling It

I am having a very hard time getting myself to church these days. I am not sure why. I am just completely unmotivated to get there. I used to be so passionate about going - even when our old church was having issues. I like our new church. The people are great, the minister gives thoughtful sermons and I really like how socially conscious they are. But why am I not inspired? Why don't I jump up every Sunday excited to go to church? I used to. I miss that feeling. Honestly, I am more interested in going to the Lutheran Church that is associated with my kids school. I sort of feel that I have outgrown Unitarian Universalism. It fulfilled a need for a long time, but now I have moved on. I don't want to move on, but I am just not connecting anymore. What to do? I feel like I need more, but UU is just not offering it. I am tired of adapting other religions to ours. We have a deep history, but for some reason we rarely access it. Instead we tend to live by the living tradition. Which is totally fine for some, but I want the history. I want the roots. I want to say God and not "the mystery". I am not interested in celebrating pagan rituals or reflecting on Buddhist thought. I want our religion, not an amalgamation of a bunch of others. Sometimes I feel we are so piecemeal, I don't know that is truly ours. I realize for other UUs this is exactly what draws them in, but it is not enough for me. I don't know what to do. This weekend is our annual Bread Service. This used to be my absolute favorite service on the year. Now I am just "meh" about it. That saddens me and makes me realize that something is wrong. I just don't know what it is.


Heather said...

Have you read Doug Muder's recent UU World article about heroes and mentors?

Does it speak to what you're hoping for? A passed-along tradition, whole and vibrant?

Anonymous said...

Please don't leave! You are not alone - this happens all too often ::groan::. But we need people in UU who want to go deep into theological Unitarian Universalism. Honestly, I recommend finding multiple churches/groups to feed your soul. I lead a weekly prayer and Bible study group. My mother is a member of a UU church on Sunday morning and a Disciples of Christ church that meets Sunday evenings. This is not ideal - but it works for now. If everyone keeps moving on without at least keeping one foot in the UU door then we will NEVER get there! Please please please say and help to make Unitarian Universalism a full and complete faith - not just a way station for people who need to "unhook" from their past religious experiences, as David Bumbaugh describes us.

NFQ said...

I don't have a dog in this fight, but I'm really curious. When you say that Unitarian Universalism "fulfilled a need," what need was it fulfilling and why are you no longer interested in it? When you say you're more interested in going to a Lutheran church, and that you "want to say God," is that because you actually believe in God and in Lutheran Christianity, or because it feels like a more authentic church experience, or for some other reason entirely?

I stopped identifying as Unitarian Universalist because I was no longer interested in pretending that any religions were true, and UUs seem to treat all religious beliefs as equally true. (I'm an atheist.) You seem to be looking to head the opposite way -- you are tired of treating all religions as equally true, and would like to pick just one to focus on. I'd love to understand where you're coming from better.

Steve Chapman said...

The truth follows you wherever you go. My experience proved that to my satisfaction. If you don't like where you gain the truth, perhaps just find a quiet place and listen?