Friday, November 19, 2010

Reclaiming Krypton

In my previous post, Heather suggested I read Doug Muder's article in the UU World. I just received my copy and I hadn't gotten a chance to look at it. Heather was exactly right in that I should check it out. I really related to the article. I love his analogy of superheros. I am also a long-term comic book fan, but had never really stopped to think about Muder's point regarding orphans versus mentors. I think he is spot on. I suspect Muder and I are of different generations, as I grew up with the X-men (although, side note, my favorite comic was Cerebus).

Something personal to me, too, though, was that I did spend time as the "independent, outsider, figure it out myself" person - especially in high school and college. I came away with it learning that it is lonely and hard. One of the reasons that I was excited to find UU was its acceptance of my beliefs. It was a place to feel at home with other people. People of all ages - including people I felt to be mentors. I was tired of figuring it out all by myself. I love coming into community with people who had lived this life for a long time and had raised families in this religion. After being a UU for ten years, I also enjoy feeling like I mentor to newer families. The problem is, I am now back to feeling like I am alone in wanting more. I feel that Muder is right. I want that mantle. I want all that it entails. I am just not sure UU is ready to bring it forward.

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