Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Time Change Grumpiness

Why does the time have to change? It feels like we are messing with the cosmos whenever this happens. It has been a rough week around here because of it. I am practically falling asleep at nine o'clock and wide awake before six. I keep thinking that I should use this morning time wisely - but that would just be crazy. Middle son is really suffering. He is already an early riser and now it is even earlier. We finally made a rule that he could not leave bed before six. The result is that he is super grumpy by the time school is out and completely exhausted. Why do they mess with us this way?! Can't we just stick with one time?! Please?

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Anonymous said...

it's been rough around here too. the kids are exhausted by bedtime, but still get up before 6. arg! mary