Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chalica: Day 4

We light our chalice for a free and responsible search for truth and meaning.

I read the following from Kathy Huff:

In this quest, may we greet one another with open hearts and minds;
may we inspire each other to consider new questions and seek deeper meaning;
may we cultivate wisdom and compassion.
Let all who enter this sanctuary see a welcome face,
hear a kind word, and
find comfort in this community.
And may all that is done and said here today be in service to love and justice.

This topic lead to really interesting discussion about what is "truth". I guess it is important for me to impress upon the kids that one person's truth is not the same as others. For instance, some people believe in the miracle of Jesus' birth and Resurrection. Others don't. It is important for us to really examine what our truth is, but fully acknowledge and respect other people's truth. A part of me feels that we may be stressing the kids beliefs. I can tell that now that they are older, they are really beginning to think about what is told to them in school and what they really do believe. I have no idea where their spiritual path will take them, but as long as they are open to possibilities, I am happy with that.

Tonight we went to the pre-school/kindergarten pageant. We honored the Lutheran tradition of the miracle of Jesus' birth. Plus, who can pass up 4 & 5 year olds singing their little hearts out!

To educate ourselves more on our traditions, Husband read the book "Unitarian Universalism is a Really Long Name" by Jennifer Dant to the kids at bedtime.


Bridgett said...

That sounds like a great book.

This is a challenge for me because many things about Catholicism I take with a grain of salt. Yet, I'm raising my children Catholic...but they go to a beautiful montessori catechism class that lets children dwell in the mystery of God instead of telling them what they believe. That's been a good path for us. A traditional Catholic school would not have been.

plaidshoes said...

Do you use the Godly play curriculum? That is Montessori based. I use a version of it in my 4/5th grade Sunday School. I also used it really succesfully in the preK/K class, too.