Friday, December 3, 2010

Girl Scout Frustration

For once, this is not about Council. Last night I was supposed to have a GS meeting. I prepared for a couple days, mapped out plans for the next few weeks, got the newsletter together, made copies to help get my Cadettes going, got the supplies together, made yummy s'more granola bars and sent out an email reminding families that we were meeting. I even emailed a blog friend looking for suggestions on how to make the troop work better (thank you Bridgett for your quick response!!). On top of that, I have sent out a couple of requests looking for a Cookie Chair. The last training meeting is this upcoming week. So how many girls showed up last night? One. How many people have volunteered to be the Cookie Chair? Zero. How many called or emailed to say they weren't coming? Zero. I am just so frustrated and disappointed. I volunteer to do this because my daughter enjoys it. I like working with the girls. I am not paid and pretty much front all the money until we sell cookies. I would think people could at least let me know that they are not coming. It just seems like good manners. I truly feel parents lead by example and if they are not supportive a Girl Scouts, then why should the daughter? I totally understand not being able to make every meeting. What I don't understand is not having the grace to call and let me know you will not be there. One of the people who didn't show was my CO-LEADER!! Not only that, no one will volunteer to be the Cookie Chair. We are a small troop. Honestly, we don't sell a lot. The job is pretty easy. It is a GS rule that as leader, I can not do it. I sent out an email saying if we don't sell cookies, I am going to have to charge troop dues and have the girls pay for their own badges - which I don't want to have to do at all. I had a horrible experience a few years ago dealing with this and I refuse to pay for them again. I don't know, part of me thinks I just expect way to much of people, but seriously - couldn't they just call and let me know? Alright, I am done ranting.


Bridgett said...

That sucks. It makes me feel grateful for my overly enthusiastic parents and untreated bipolar cookie mom who bought 1000 boxes that one year. AT least people cared!

plaidshoes said...

I am very envious of your troop, Bridgett. It would be so awesome to have parents that engaged!