Thursday, January 27, 2011

Comfort Clocks & Ship Bells

I have had a terrible cold all week. I spent most of the first night waking up every hour just to breathe. While laying there, I found myself listening to our cuckoo-clock (pictured above). I love this clock. It was handmade in Germany and given to me as a present from my father. It is one of my most *prized* possessions.

As you often do when you are sick and feverish, my mind started wandering and went back to when I was sick as a kid. I realized that I did the exact thing then when I couldn't sleep - I listened to the clock. Only it was a different type of clock. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the technical term for it, but it was a ship's clock. It is based on the same ring principles as a ship's bell. It was used to mark four hour work shifts. As I mentioned before, my dad was in the Navy, and this was the common method of time marking. The first half-hour was one ring, the second was two rings, etc until eight rings. Then you knew your shift was up. I haven't thought of this clock in years, but I spent many nights listening to its rings. Just like the cuckoo-clock, it provided a lot of comfort during those long hours. Kind of like friend who was in it with you and always there. I am not sure I could ever fully live in a house without some sort of chiming clock.

Update: I just talked to my dad and tracked down the sailor's clock. He was super happy that I remembered it and wanted it! Yay!!

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eugeny said...

oh, so sweet) our memory about childhood is the best we have