Thursday, January 6, 2011

Epiphany Pageant

Originally it was to be the Christmas pageant, but due to an ice storm right before school break, they had to reschedule it. Now, as the stand-in harp teacher, I was a little annoyed. I have lugged the harps to school for DAYS and sat through so many rehearsals, I could probably perform the whole thing myself. Additionally, although school was cancelled that day, by the evening it was just fine to have the pageant. Grumble, grumble...

After some thought, they decided to have it tonight. I agree, they should perform it. A lot of work went into it and more parents besides myself should see all their hard work. But, it seems kind of weird. Christmas is over. To me, when it is over - it is over. Decorations away, life back to normal, etc. It felt out of context. But, it is Epiphany. That is why they chose tonight. I have never really thought much about Epiphany and the twelve days of Christmas. But this has brought it to the forefront. Suddenly, it does seem very appropriate to have the pageant tonight. It will be a beautiful ending to the full Christmas season.

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