Sunday, January 23, 2011

Scary Stewardship Info

My congregation is loosely around 140 people (83 pledging units). This is actually significantly up from only a couple of years ago. Because of this growth, our very old building is bursting at the seams. This is on top of all the maintenance an old building requires. Thus, we have engaged a consultant to help us plan our capital campaign and pledge drive. Over the past weekend, she has been meeting with various members and looking over our church data. Today she presented some of her initial findings. Come to find out, only TWELVE families are providing FIFTY percent of our budget. That is scary. As the consultant so rightly noted, we need to figure out a way to more evenly distribute our funding. If one of those families should move away, our budget could seriously be impacted.

Now, I am sensitive to the money issues so many families are facing. So how do you rectify this? I don't want people to be put off by our need for more funding. Everyone should feel welcome at church, regardless of what they pledge. But, how do you inspire those who could pledge more, to do so? I know - such a complicated question, dependent on so many variables. I don't envy stewardship and capital campaign committees. It is not easy work. Money is such a sensitive subject, especially these days. But, to accomplish the vision of our church we need to sit down and really figure out how we can make it happen. Wish us luck. The possibilities are exciting!

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Crystal said...

In our church if we have a particular thing they do a drive for that. Like we needed a new roof so instead of taking money out of the regular dues and weekly pot that circulates at service, they got a quote and made a board for it explaining what they needed and why they need additional from the regular donation money, a little temperature chart thing to mark progress and a 5 gal jug to put donations. They also once had a soup sale (like a bake sale but with soup) which is cheap and the ingredients donated by members and they got tshirts and things printed with the church logo inexpensively by a local to sell to members at the services.

For some reason just asking for money for a variety of things doesn't work but if you're specific and/or provide something in return people's wallets tend to open more.

Not saying this is a permanent solution but if there are pressing issues this might help.