Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vertigo & Guilt

I woke up Sunday feeling really nauseous and a little unsteady. I thought I had eaten something bad and tried to ignore the feeling. Sunday was also the day for the big children's play at church. I was certainly not going to miss it! (I will post later on how it went). Later that day, I wasn't so queasy, but still didn't feel right. Well, by the time I went to bed the house was spinning. I have never felt vertigo so intensely. I went to bed hoping that by morning it would be gone. Well it wasn't and the nausea kicked back in. I could barely walk. It is such a weird feeling. I called the doctor because I didn't know what to do (plus, I think Husband was afraid I had a tumor). She immediately diagnosed "dizzy" flu. Evidently it is going around. It is so crazy. I have completely new respect for people suffering from vertigo.

Today I am still wobbly and the room still spins. If I lay perfectly still, I feel fine. But, the moment I move, it all starts back up. This presents a lot of problems. Mostly, I don't want to drive. Thankfully my in laws have really helped in getting the kids to and from school. The problem is that once again I am missing running the library at the kid's school. The library is only open on Tuesday. Due to illnesses and snow, I haven't been at the library in almost a month. I am pretty sure that my helpers are starting to think I am intentionally avoiding working. This is where I feel super guilty. I hate asking people to fill in for me. I hate feeling like a slacker. I feel like the library is my responsibility (even though we all volunteer) and I don't like putting other people out. Honestly, it is getting a little pathetically comical on how often my family is sick on Tuesdays. Any thoughts on what I could do to thank them for stepping up? I feel like I need to do something to show my appreciation.

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Sara said...

I hope you feel better soon. I'd say "don't feel guilty", but I know how futile that advice can be. Be well.