Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lent: Miracles

As you can see by the title, I have decided to do a small series of posts on Lent. Longtime readers know that I am partial to this season. Something about it really attracts me. I will warn you, though, that everything I write is just my musings, and it is highly doubtful that I will back it up by any sort of research. So if you are looking for that, you best check elsewhere ;-)

This coming Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, the official start to the Lenten season. After forty days and nights, it culminates in Easter with the Resurrection of Christ. This got me to thinking about miracles. When did the majority of us stop believing in them? I mean big ones like this. I often pray for a miracle - I bet a lot of us do, but do we really believe a miracle is going to happen? Or, are we hoping for a miracle, but are pretty sure it is brought about by some sort of human intervention? What about believing in true miracles - something completely unexplainable? Something like the Resurrection? The Bible is peppered with miracles. Miracles that were easily believed in and prayed for. When did we become such cynics? Is it because miracles don't always happen when we want them too? Have you experienced anything akin to a miracle - something so unexplainable that a miracle is the best description? I can't say that I have experienced anything like this, but I like to think they are possible. I want to keep myself open to them and not close myself off to the possibility just because they are beyond my reasoning. Sometimes looking for an explanation blinds us to the beauty of what is truly happening. I hope you keep yourself open, too.


Bridgett said...

Yes, I have.

Many of the human intervention kind, of course. Catch me before I fall. Many of the "in retrospect..." kind of miracles. But one that was more than a bit inexplicable.

plaidshoes said...

That is amazing, Bridgett! It is exactly what I am talking about.