Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lent: Purple

Purple is the traditional color of Lent. It represents both the pain and suffering of Jesus and of humanity. It is also the color of royalty. You will see it throughout Christian churches during this time. You will also notice that most churches will cover their crosses and that there is a decided somber air in them. As such, Minister's liturgical stoles will be more simple and often in shades of dark purple or violet. Above is the stole I just finished for my sister-in-law (who is an ELCA Lutheran minister). I literally finished it today! Just in time for Sunday. She is partial to batiks so that is what most of the fabric is. Below is the reverse. It is a lot more basic, but I like to think the cross is a bit cheerier. Maybe she will wear that side closer to Easter. Unfortunately the picture makes the color look a lot bluer, but it is actually quite purple.


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plaidshoes said...

Thanks, Bridgett! I really like making stoles - I wish I was better at applique so I could put some fancier things on them. I also made her a "common season" green one for her ordination. I will post that sometime soon.