Friday, April 15, 2011


I don't know how many of you are aware (or even care), but there is a big brouhaha going on in the vegan world. One of my favorite magazines, VegNews, has been caught using real meat/dairy pictures in their magazine. They have passed the photos off as vegan food. I first read about it on the Ecorazzi site and am leaning towards the views posted by their editor. VegNews Magazine has also posted a response.

I have to say I am very disappointed in the magazine. I truly love reading it and was so happy to have found it years ago. I trusted its integrity. This is a big blow. For you meat eaters, it probably seems a little silly. But, when you are trying to make yummy vegan food and demonstrate that it is just as good as *your* food, you want to know that the picture in the magazine is what the food will look like!

I understand their reasoning (cost issues), but I hope they find a way to work around this. It really was a knock to their credibility and it will take awhile to get it back. I believe in second chances, though, and I will certainly give them one. VegNews is a fun, current magazine and I would hate for the vegan/vegetarian world to lose their voice.


Anonymous said...

I completely understand why you would be upset about this! I'm not vegan, but if that magazine has been claiming vegan meals they need to at least tell the truth!

SweetHarmony said...

I have a friend who is vegan and has cooked for me several times. It's always been wonderful, and I know how hard it is to find ANY recipe with a special diet, so I can imagine how disappointing this would be. I read in the paper recently about a vegan mother who brestfed her child, the child died of SIDS but the mother was being prosecuted for manslaughter since "experts" said the mother wasn't eating to sustain a breast fed baby. such Bull...