Monday, April 25, 2011

Should I build an Ark?

As you have read, our basement is flooding. This is not unheard of as it has happened before. What is crazy is that a water main broke at Husband's work early this morning. He spent all morning helping manage the crisis. What I am beginning to see is that the universe is sending us a sign that either:

1. We should build an Ark.


2. We are supposed to be living on an island, such as Hawaii.

I am leaning towards option #2. While the kids would get a kick out of building an Ark, I see myself swimming in the beautiful waters off of Hawaii. Which would you choose?


Bridgett said...

My inlaws down in Cairo have water seeping up from the ground as well as rising higher and higher outside the floodgates. I'm supposed to visit Friday!!! Eep. I knew this was all coming but somehow it seems unreal kind of amounts of water.

Your comment verifcation words are the best lately: iritati

plaidshoes said...

That is funny about the word verification!

Good luck to your family in Cairo. I hope you don't have to spend the weekend sandbagging and pumping out water. I keep looking at our basement and wondering if it will EVER stop! I hope your house is holding out!!