Friday, May 20, 2011


I promise you this is not turning into a Girl Scout blog - it just happens that my life has been consumed with it for these last two weeks. Last night was our bridging ceremony. Three of my girls bridged over to Cadettes. This means that we are now an all Cadette troop. I am so glad. It is really hard to have a combined troop. It always feels like someone is not getting the full experience. I am excited for this new phase. I just wish the GSUSA would get their act together and put out the new badge books. It is very frustrating knowing that changes are coming but not being able to plan for them. Such poor timing on their part. But, I won't let that stop my and the girls' fun!

Now, a story on how times have changed. I was talking to a guy friend about our camping trip. He, of course, had to tell me about his Boy Scout camping experience. I am guessing he was a Boy Scout in the early eighties (maybe late seventies). He was around fourteen, in Oklahoma and working on his Wilderness Survival badge. The leader dropped the boys off in the woods. They were given a map, a compass, and an ax and told to go to find a designated spot. Once there, they would be given coordinates to where dinner would be. Well, when they made it to the dinner location(very hungry and tired) all that was there was a live chicken. Yes, they were expected to kill the chicken and cook it. I was aghast. "Seriously?!?", I asked. Yes. And they did. By chopping its head off. Unfortunately, they didn't know how to cook a whole chicken. Instead of plucking it, they put the whole thing on the fire and it went up in a ball of flames. Completely charred on the outside and raw on the inside. Needless to say, they went to bed hungry. All I can say is thank God Girl Scouts don't have that requirement. I asked Husband if the Boy Scouts still did that and he wasn't sure. I certainly hope not!


Bridgett said...

I was with you until the live chicken. I would have been fine with a fishing pole and a stream. Or even crawdads in the muck. But a live chicken when you don't know how to handle it? Seems like a waste of a good live chicken to me!!

plaidshoes said...

Too true, Bridgett!