Friday, May 13, 2011

Girl Scout Camping

It is that time again. I am the first to admit that I am not a camper. I am especially not a camper with people/kids I don't know well. I wish I was all outdoorsy and fond of dirt and sharing of germs - but I am not. I like gardening and hiking, but then I like to wash my hands and sleep in my own bed. In my dreams I am a cool outdoors women who hikes in the wilderness with only a pocket knife and some trail mix. Unfortunately, reality is far from that and this dream would elicit a huge laugh from my family. But, my Girl Scout troop LOVES camping and, as their leader, I will take them. We are, again, camping with the other Junior/Brownie troop at the school. Since only three of my girls are going, it makes sense to go with some other girls. We should be around thirteen total girls. All my girls have camped before, but there are several new-to-camping girls in the other troop. It is them I am worried about. Thankfully, their troop leaders are awesome campers. So it is really just me getting over my anxiety of not being in control and to just go with the flow. That, and hoping it really doesn't rain all weekend like it is supposed to.

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