Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today is my Birthday!

(flowers from the garden)

I love birthdays. Not because of the gifts, but that it is your special day. A day to feel good about you. There is a whole year to feel all the negative emotions of life, but your birthday is the one day you should give them a vacation and just enjoy the experience of being alive. You made it another year! Am I excited to get closer to forty? Not really. I have no problem with turning 40,50,60 etc. It means that I am still here - yay! What worries me is that time is going so fast. I want it to slow down. I want to savor every minute, but the busyness of daily life keeps getting in the way. In my 38th year, my goal is to reevaluate what is really most important to me and where I want to put my energy. I want to enjoy my life as much as possible and live it with integrity that will hopefully inspire my children. I can't control what is thrown at me, but I can control how I respond. I hope to respond with a little more grace and gratitude. As the song goes "always look on the bright side of life...."


boston unitarian said...

I wish you a very happy birthday. blessings, BU

plaidshoes said...

Thank You!!