Monday, June 6, 2011


I am supposed to go to my twentieth high school reunion at the end of this month. I have even bought tickets. Since it is in Iowa, they were pretty inexpensive. Not like the ones for the reunions around here. I bought the tickets so I could keep my options open, but the closer the event comes, the more I don't want to go. I have mentioned before that my class has NEVER had a reunion. We were just a lot of small groups thrown together that didn't really like each other. I had good friends (of whom I still keep in contact with), but really spent most of my senior year planning on getting out of there. I have noticed that the group of friends I mostly hung out with are planning to get together and catch up. Since I hung out with a lot of theatre people (when I was not with the skaters from the next town over), there were a lot of films made. I am in some of them. I have NO DESIRE to see my 16 year old self on camera. I don't even like looking at pictures from high school. (I have also heard that people are planning on bringing those, too.) I will just state it here: I hate reminiscing. I don't like talking about my past*. It is of no interest to me. I have never been that person who gets together with old friends and talks about the old times. I prefer to dream of the future and all its possibilities. So I don't know what to do. I am leaning towards no and wishing those that do go that they have a great time.

*This should not be confused with learning about history. I love family stories (just not ones involving myself).

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