Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finish It Up!

Table Runner

I actually finished a Finish It Up! project!! My mom asked me to make this for her THREE years ago. As you can see, it was nothing complicated, yet I just could not get it done. I had grand plans of hand sewing the whole thing and I did hand piece it all. But I just couldn't get the hand quilting to look nice - so I put it away. For three years. What finally got me moving? My mom' 60th birthday. She deserves me to get this done for her - she has waited long enough! This project kept staring at me and the guilt was almost unbearable. There was no reason why I couldn't get this done for her. She has made me SO MANY handmade things, that at least I could do is this one simple thing made. I finally let go of hand quilting. I can be a perfectionist in sewing (as is my mom...) and just couldn't give her sub-par work. So I did a very basic machine quilt. My mom doesn't like fussy, so you will notice that there isn't much "pattern" quilting - just outilining. Once I set my mind to it, I finished it in an evening (including hand sewing the binding). She was very happy to get it for her birthday - I just wish I could have given it to her years ago. Next time she will not have to wait so long!

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Sara said...

Congratulations on finishing something! It looks really nice. It makes me think I should put a little time into tackling my To Sew pile .... these things do seem to pile up, don't they.