Monday, July 25, 2011


Like a lot of Unitarians, we tend to "take the summer off". This summer has been no exception. I have also realized that I have been feeling really ungrounded. School, while enjoyable has been pretty stressful (I am working on a large project for the city), the kids have been busy with various activities and we have been tearing out our finished basement in preparation for the workers who arrived at 6.30 this morning. It has been a non-stop summer. I have been feeling stressed and adrift - just trying to manage it all and keep it together. This past weekend, though, has brought some clarity. I need to go to church! I have been feeling unconnected and didn't realize how I was suffering because of it. This past weekend, I baked brownies for our 4th Saturday lunch (a program to feed the local hungry) and a cake for a memorial reception for a long time member who passed away. The kids and I WENT TO CHURCH on Sunday and it felt good to be there. I realized how much I needed it. Appropriately enough, the sermon was about spiritual practice. Going to church on Sunday is a spiritual practice and one that I need to get back into. After the service, I just felt so much better. It was the grounding I needed. I love these people and they love me. Being there brought me back to the center and I am grateful. There is a reason we worship together.

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Justin Schroeder said...

Hope you're still feeling grounded. Being in a worshipping community is powerful, indeed.