Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thoughtful Food (article)

I just read this wonderful article in the current issue of VegNews Magazine. Imagine my great surprise to find that the author was a UU Minister, the Rev. Mary Margaret Earl! The article discusses the connections between food, homelessness and hunger. I would very much encourage you to pick up an issue and read it. Rev. Earl really captured what I have felt for such a long time and, unfortunately, was not able to express very well. My congregation hosts a lunch once a month for the hungry and this article has re-inspired me to up my vegetarian/vegan efforts. I am also going to ask the food ministry at our church to see if they would be interested (with my help ;-) in sponsoring a Healthy Body Mind and Spirit event like the McAuley House. Thank you for the inspiration and ideas Rev. Earl!


Charlie Talbert said...

The connection between animal agriculture and other injustices like animal suffering, human hunger and disease, labor exploitation, and environmental degradation are often discussed on the Unitarian Universalist lists for Ethical Eating and for Animal Ministry. Each list averages about five posts a week.

Questions and ideas about introducing tasty vegan options at congregational events are also discussed on both lists. A number of organizers have received support from the VegFund to pay for the food (including its preparation) that they bring to the church events.

Thanks for the heads-up: looking forward to reading Rev. Earl’s article when our VegNews arrives. She occasionally posts to the Unitarian Universalist Animal Ministry list.

plaidshoes said...

Thank you for the links! I joined the UUAM, but have yet to check out the listserve. I didn't even realize UUEE had one!