Sunday, August 21, 2011

Train People

This past weekend, I took a train ride up to Bloomington/Normal (then continued on to Chicago via car). It is fascinating to people watch on the train. I was at the Alton station at 7.00am on Friday and it was packed. I quickly discovered that this weekend was a two game Cardinal/Cub series in Chicago. Thankfully I was meeting someone who grabbed the train in the City and saved me a seat, otherwise I may have ended up standing for the two hours. I get on the train and there are the people who have obviously been on the train for LONG TIME, the families, and the drunks. People had started drinking on the train platform and that continued right on to the train. I was thankful that I was getting off at Bloomington, because I can only imagine how loud and crazy it was going to be by the time it rolled into Chicago. Because of its affordability, the train attracts everytype of person. I have seen youth groups, families, just released prisoners, college kids and every person in between. Trains are truly a study in humanity!

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