Wednesday, August 3, 2011


This past weekend I was in Iowa for my mom's 60th birthday. It was a lot of fun. My sister also came in town and we got to spend some girl time together. One of our favorite activities is to go wander around downtown. Cedar Falls has really spiffed itself up since we were there and has totally revamped the downtown area. It is now full of quirky and fun shops and restaurants (oh, where were they when I lived there!?!). Anyway, as we went to into Crazy Girl Yarn Shop, we realized that they were shooting a commercial. Evidently, Google is looking to host small business sites and is making commercials to help promote the program. Crazy Girl was randomly selected, as was I! I have no idea if I will actually make it into the small commercial (most likely just my hands making a purchase), but it was still fun. Thankfully we had come from getting family pictures done, so I looked a little more put together then my usual self. My sister couldn't believe this happened. She is known in the family as having lots of drama surrounding her, I am known for having randomly weird things happen. What is strange, is that every time I go to Germany (sounds like I go a lot, but only three times over thirteen years ago), I get interviewed for German TV. Each time I am pretty sure I made a fool of myself and ended up on the cutting room floor. As I have noted before, my command for the German language is pretty sad and I know I frustrated quite a few interviewers. I have no idea why this keeps happening, but I suspect it is because I am very generic looking. I stand out because I am just middle of the road. I think they are looking for the "everyday" person opinion and I fit that bill. Anyway, my sister about died when this happened to me again. I will keep you posted if I actually show up on the commercial. I warned the video guy that I might look like a good choice, but I really don't photograph well! (and it did take a couple of takes....)

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