Thursday, September 29, 2011


Today is National Coffee Day! Coffee is by far my favorite beverage. I drink way too much of it. The habit started when I worked at a donut shop in high school and just escalated from there. The coffee industry, though, is not without its issues. I try to always drink Fair Trade and I hope you do to. Thankfully, it is getting easier and easier to find. If your congregation sells coffee, I strongly encourage you to buy through the UUSC's coffee project. They work with Equal Exchange (who works with many different interfaith organizations). This past weekend I toured their headquarters in Massachusetts and met with many of their staff. They are a truly dedicated group of folks that make sure their coffee is only bought from fair trade coffee cooperatives. So drink up - just make sure it is an honest cup!


SheThrives! said...

Our unitarian society also sells coffee by equal exchange. Awesome taste. Happy Coffee Day

plaidshoes said...

Yay - so glad to hear you all sell it, too! I was so impressed with their company.