Thursday, September 15, 2011

Who is this Girl?

My daughter has come out of her shell. For the past ten years, she is has been quiet, pensive, curious, reserved, and only truly comfortable around people she knows well. These past few months, I have noticed that she is breaking out. I don't know if it just age, she is now eleven, a combination of successes she has had in various activities or sheer determination on her part - but she is putting herself out there! It started slowly with initiating conversations with acquaintances (if you knew her and her painful shyness, this has been huge in itself), asserting herself, and now actually wanting to go to a school dance! While she has always been interested in new things, they have steered towards the solitary. This year she is on the volleyball team and loving it. I am so proud of her, but am now realizing I have a to start relating to her in a different way. I had assumed (wrongly), that I would not have to deal with the middle school dances. Now she wants to go! Me, being over protective, is not so sure. I like having my kids at home, safe, with me! But, they are growing up. I completely trust her, it just all those other people ;-). I like having control and, as the kids are getting older, I am slowly having to let it go. I am still adjusting to this idea.

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Strange Attractor said...

As an extrovert raising extremely shy children, I am happy for you and your daughter. I know what a triumph it can be to see her relate positively to others.