Saturday, November 19, 2011

Guest at Your Table

I am getting the boxes and Stories of Hope together for GAYT tomorrow. This year, I actually got my act together and we will be handing them out during Bread Service at church. I really think these two ideas tie in nicely together. I love honoring our past and current community by breaking bread together and then to help spread our wealth to those most in need. This year I am speaking during the children's moment and hope to inspire them to help out with UUSC. I have volunteered with them for years and am continually impressed with their commitment to empower people. They work with already established local organizations to support the organization's work. They don't come in and "tell" people what needs to be done. They empower them to help themselves. If you are a member of a congregation who participates in GAYT, please consider giving. I have personally seen some of the amazing work they do and the difference they have made. Thank You!

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