Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Older Student

I have really enjoyed going back to school and being an "older" student. In my program, I am probably right in the middle age wise, but since I graduated from undergrad 16 years ago and grad school 11 years ago, I feel a whole lot older! I love it. I find that this time around, I am a whole lot more relaxed. Things that stressed me out back then, barely phase me now. My perspective is a lot more rounded and not so focused on that one big assignment due. And, while I try for an A, it is not that big a deal if I get a B. The only one I am competing with is myself. I also like that I have a much different relationship with my professors. Before, I was always a little in awe of them and afraid of saying or doing something stupid. Now I see them as they are: people. Several of them are around my age and I feel we relate at a totally different level. I have had some great conversations with them after class about life, family, work, and balance that I would NEVER have had when I was eighteen. I am not afraid to ask questions and for help when I need it. Plus, school is so much easier now! Not that the content isn't challenging, but research is so different. Remember all those hours spent in the library? Writing up note cards? Hunting down Journals? Not having a personal computer? Now I can just stay at home and do almost all my research from my couch. Journals are online, finding contacts and information is just a click away. My computer program actually corrects my spelling and grammar! What will school be like in another twenty years? I am so thankful for where we are at. Going back to school would have been ten times more difficult (especially with three kids) if these things did not exist. Yay technology!

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