Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Unscientific Bible Review

If you remember, I won this Bible a couple of weeks ago. I finally had a chance to check it out. It claims to be "a fresh translation to touch the heart and mind" and to be very easy to read and understand. To test this out, I grabbed the boys (ages 7 & 10) and a couple of other Bibles for comparison. We used The Good News Bible and the Oxford Study Bible with the Apocrypha. Our sole criteria (thus why it is very unscientific) was how easy the verse was to understand. To me, the ultimate in easy bible reading is The Good News Bible. I got it when I was around ten at a Lutheran bible camp I attended. The Oxford Study Bible is also pretty easy to read and has the bonus of lots of notes.

The boys and I each had one of the bibles. We took turns choosing a verse and then we would each read that verse out loud. Afterwards, we decided which of the three versions was the easiest to understand. I had theorized that The Good News bible would win hands down. I was wrong. Nine times out of ten, the boys and I preferred the Common English Bible. I don't want to make it seem like it is a "dumbed down" version of the bible, it isn't. It just has a very nice readability that doesn't make it daunting like the King James version. I think this would be a great version to get, especially if you are new to the bible. The only criticisms I have are: 1. I like to have contextual notes and CEB doesn't have many. 2. I also like to have the Apocrypha. My version did not have it, but I think they do have versions that include it.

We gave it three thumbs up!

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