Monday, January 30, 2012


I wish I could say that I love to cook, but I don't. It doesn't excite me AT ALL. I love to bake, but dinner usually requires more then rolls, breads, and bars. I think part of the problem is that I need to be organized in what we plan to make. Since I am not organized in this way, we tend to eat the same thing over and over, thus reinforcing my lack of interest in cooking. Additionally, I don't cook meat. If there is to be meat at a meal, Husband has to make it. Therefore, any meal planning has to include a lot of input from him. One more hurdle to it not getting done. With me going back to school, it has added even more pressure to get my act together on this. One of my favorite websites, The Curriculum of Love, recommended the following site: Plan To Eat. I have seen that a lot of recipe sites let you start a recipe box within the site, but I like that this one allows you to import from all over the web and add your own. I am currently trying the free 30 day trial, and so far I am liking it. At first I thought $40.00 for the year was too much, but then when I thought about it; if it saves this family of five from eating out (and spending more then $40!), then it will have paid for itself. I am hoping it will keep me more organized and make planning easier (I especially love that it prints a shopping list and can help you cook from what you already have in your pantry!). If you end up trying it, let me know. It also has an option to share recipes.


Sara said...

How are you liking your trial?

plaidshoes said...

I have to admit that I have become a little bit addicted to it ;-) I went ahead and signed up for a membership. Knock on wood, that I can keep this up! I am sorry it took so long to friend you, but I didn't realize I had an old email linked to this blogger account! How are doing with it?!