Sunday, January 15, 2012


I am not much of a planner. I can be obssesive about certain things, i.e. homework and being on time. After that, I am pretty open to where the day/life takes me. This philosophy has served me pretty well (with a few minor blips here and there), but I am not getting any younger and if I want to do certain things, I need to get moving. I have decided to actually set some goals. I am 38 1/2. By the time I am 40, I plan to:

1. Not get anymore speeding tickets (I tend to average one a year)
2. Start my own online business
3. Automatically give people the benefit of the doubt
4. Raise chickens
5. Sew daughter and I fancy dresses for a family wedding
6. Get a research paper published
7. Learn to play the banjo (I have started the ukulele, but it isn't the same)
8. See Billy Bragg play in London
9. See Frightened Rabbit play in Glasgow
10. Visit F. in Rome
11. Get comfortable speaking German (I do have a degree in it...)

Who am I kidding? If I am in London seeing Billy Bragg, then I will definitely:
12. Visit 221B Baker Street.

This is what I have for now. I realize that it pretty me-centered, but after the countless hours I have spent volunteering, I want to do some things just for me. And I don't feel guilty about it!

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