Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I am working on an independent study this semester.  My partner and I are researching how eco-villages generate revenue.  These are not the communes of the 60s and 70s, but intentional communities of people looking to minimize their impact on the earth.  I have been interested in them for a long time, but could never really figure out how people earn a living.  As much as it seems ideal to just live off the land, this is very rarely reality.  Europe has several mature eco-villages and are the leaders in the movement.  Unfortunately, I don't have the funds to visit those!  Thankfully, Missouri has several within visiting distance.  I am headed out to visit them later this week.  I am so excited! I have been following a couple of them, through blogs and Facebook, for several years and can't wait to visit them in person.  I am very appreciative that they have been open to our research and I look forward to learn from their experience.  Last week we visited a co-housing (hoping to become eco-village) in St. Louis city.  I am very interested in also comparing urban/rural communities and how they compare in income generation and carbon footprints.   So much to learn!


Sara said...

That sounds fascinating. I have been intrigued by co-housing, and an eco-village sounds even more interesting. I'll have to look some of these up!

plaidshoes said...

I would love to live in an eco-village. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure my husband would never agree to it :(. It is amazing their diversity. Some are very small with just a few families, while other can be in the hundreds. Here is a link to a directory of them http://directory.ic.org/records/ecovillages.php, in case you want to see what is in your area. I am visiting Dancing Rabbit, Sandhill and Red Earth. So excited!