Sunday, March 4, 2012


I feel like I am being surrounded by it lately. I am trying not to let it get to me, but my inner introvert keeps saying, "this is why you want to live in solitude, with no one around you." While I can certainly get negative on occasion, I do try to see the positives in life. It just seems like every where I turn, someone has a negative comment and I keep coming off as Sally Sunshine. For instance, my program at SLU is only in its second year. I know that, and it is having growing pains. The program isn't perfect. That doesn't mean it doesn't have a lot of value. I am tired of some of my classmates constant complaining. I am not sure what they envisioned grad school as, but having already gotten an MSW, it has been a pretty typical experience. There is always a disconnect between students and administration. You always want more then the program can give. You have to be your own advocate. This isn't elementary school. I am actually really enjoying the program and making a huge effort to get the most out of it.

My quintet was asked to play in a wedding. Nobody has ever asked us before, so I wasn't sure how the group would feel. The Flute player wrote back right away that she would love to; eventually the others wrote back that it should work. Seems good. I get to practice today and the Flute player is still excited (yay her!!), but the others all have things to say about what an issue it is going to be with all these questions. Questions are good, and I will certainly get the answers, but they just kept going on and on about stuff that might not even be an issue. Then I asked if they would ever be open to playing any other weddings. It was a pretty quick no (except the Flute player). When I got us a performance at my church (and did all the work to make it happen), there was just constant complaining about how far away it is, that there are two services, that they couldn't they sneak out easily, etc. COME ON PEOPLE! Why do we practice every week if you don't ever want to perform? Just like SLU, there is NO perfect situation. People aren't going to come to your house and wait for you to perform when you feel like it.

These are just two examples, but I am ready to find some Yes! people. The "let's give it a try and see how it works" people. Not the constant naysayers and problem finders. It just wears you down. I am not a cheerleader by nature and am tired of doing the "Go Team!" chant.


Matt W said...

Church services and weddings are usually more perfect than dealing with people every day, which you seem to be finding. Have you considered that you are also complaining about an imperfect situation? :)

Keep seeing the good in things, the complainers relying upon you will miss it terribly if you stop.

Sara said...

that's a bummer. I hope you find the positivity (either within or without) to balance that out!

plaidshoes said...

Matt - I fully realized that I was complaining as I wrote it ;-) I just needed to get it out somewhere b/c I would never actually complain to the people in question. Personally, I feel that I am probably annoying them with my positivity!

Thanks, Sara, I will try to keep finding the balance!