Thursday, March 15, 2012


I have been thinking about my parents a lot lately. I really miss being closer to them and I regret that my kids don't get to see them more often. We live across the street from Husband's parents and they are very much a part of our lives. I greatly appreciate that, but it makes me sad that my parents aren't. We try to see them as much as possible, but it isn't quite the same. My mother lives six hours away (still in my hometown) and my father will soon be moving from Iowa to retire in South Dakota (where he and his wife grew up). Growing up in Iowa was great, but we were far away from my grandparents in Wyoming and South Dakota. Most of my relatives still live in those states. They are a close-knit group and I always felt like I didn't belong. Going back once a year doesn't quite build the closeness as living there. Facebook has actually been wonderful in reconnecting, but it feels like I am just looking in. Both my grandparents in South Dakota and Wyoming are suffering from a myriad of health issues. I feel pretty helpless being so far away. It does make me realize that my parents, while only 60 and 61, aren't getting any younger. I want my kids to get to know them while they are still young and active. I don't ever remember my grandparents like that. Time is just ticking away so fast and I am afraid that we are missing the best years.

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martha said...

I grandchildren live more than 2000 miles away, and their other grandparents live 3 miles from them. It makes me sad..So, I encourage you to make every effort to take your children to see your grandparents several times a year. They need to experience how their grandparents live. On their deathbed, most people say they wish they'd spent more time with family and friends.