Thursday, April 26, 2012

Baby Bird Season!

Every year I have a family of sparrows and doves nest next to my house.  The above is the sparrow's nest.  I finally realized (after several years), that the dove would continue to nest in my hanging plant (and eventually kill it) if I kept putting it out so early.  This year I was smart and the dove moved her nest to a large bush next to the house.  I have been watching both of these families for years and would be sad if they didn't come back.  Today I was watering the plants and I could hear all the babies squawking in the nest.  I can't wait for them to peak out and start learning to fly.  Yesterday, I watched my neighbor's baby robins finally take flight. I felt unreasonably proud of them. Yay Mother Nature!

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Sara said...

It is so much fun to have nests near the house. We have a junco that built a nest right over our back door, and we are hoping something will come of it.