Friday, May 25, 2012

Another School Year Ends

How is it possible that I now have a 7th grader, 6th grader and 3rd grader?  Wasn't it just August and they were 6th, 5th, and 2nd graders?!  I can not believe how fast this year has gone. When I look at all the things they have accomplished, of course it has been nine months - but, wow, I really need time to slow down.  It is shocking that my daughter will be in SEVENTH grade. I still remember her learning to walk.  I wish it didn't go by so fast.  I keep telling the kids to not grow up so fast, but they don't listen to me.  They insist on getting taller and smarter and independent.  I don't like it! It takes everything in me to let them spread their wings. I just hope when they learn to fly, that they visit the nest every once in awhile.


Anonymous said...

I have a three month old baby; I'd like to keep him just like this for another few months. =)

plaidshoes said...

Congrats, Wendy! I love the three months stage. My kids personalities really came out then. It is amazing how much they grow and change that first year! (side note - Wendy was one of my top name choices for my daughter, unfortunately I couldn't convince Husband!)

Anonymous said...

Thank you PlaidShoes! Right now Baby is hilariously dandruffy and balding, but he really is much more aware and personable than he used to be. It seems like every two weeks I start to notice how different he is.

(Husband and I couldn't agree whether Sam would be "Samuel" or "Samwise" -- I was definitely not going to go with Samwise-- so Baby is a formal "Sam". So be it!)

I wish I could into the future and see what he'll be like when he's the age of your kids. =)

plaidshoes said...

I like Sam, it is a good compromise! Like you, I wish I could peak into the future too. Now I wonder what they will be like "on their own"!