Saturday, June 23, 2012

Social Justice & Quakers

I have been slowly catching up on the blog posts from General Assembly.  This one, by Kim Hampton - responding to Dan Harper, really caught my attention.  I have often wondered, too, whether UUs put too much emphasis on social justice and not enough into spirituality. I have seen many of my generation (30s to young 40s) looking for something more then the prevalent humanism of the older generation.  From my observation, social justice work was the spirituality of the humanists.  To me, it just isn't enough.  Social Justice doesn't replace inner spirituality - it can enhance it or be an outward expression, but it doesn't replace it.  I have recently become friends with a Friend.  We are working on the Missouri IPL project together.  I know very little about the Quakers, so I thought I would do a little research.  What I have learned has really resonated with me.  I like their approach to simplicity and the quietness of their Meetings.  I like that there isn't necessarily clergy, but there is the idea that the divine is in all of us and we need time to be quiet and reflect on it.  Quakers are very social justice minded, but they recognize the need for spiritual depth and reflection.  This is only my very limited understanding of Quakerism, but I like what I see.  Social Justice is an outgrowth of the inner spirituality.  I think the UUs would be wise to consider this model.

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