Sunday, July 15, 2012

Positives of She & Me

Despite what I wrote yesterday, there were some great positives of She & Me Girl Scout Camp.  A huge one was that I did not have to plan, shop, or be responsible for the unit!  No stress on me! If you have ever taken a troop camping, you know how much work it can be for the leader/organizer.  I didn't have to go the grocery store, cook the meals, or get up with crying children in the middle of the night - yay! I also didn't have to worry about having the many necessary certifications to do stuff at camp.  I just followed along and hung out with Daughter.  I could just focus on being with her and not worrying about the troop as a whole.

The counselors were fantastic.  After watching them, I realized camp counseling is definitely a young persons job.  The amount of energy, positivity, and work they did was impressive.  It is one thing to do this once, but most of them had been there all summer, in the heat, and still managed to make it fun for the girls.  Additionally, there were several counselors from the U.K., Australia and New Zealand.  Our lead counselor was from Aukland and it was cool for the girls (and moms) to learn a little bit more about another country.   Each international counselor added localized vocabulary that added another demension to camp fun and learning.  Especially funny was when an English counselor said at a certain time we would do a "booty check".  We all looked at each other thinking what does that mean?  Evidently, she actually said "buddy check".  She laughed along with us and it broke the ice.

I enjoyed getting to meet other moms, many of whom are troop leaders/co-leaders.  I came away with a lot of ideas to try with my troop and information about different opportunities for the girls to participate in.  Their daughters varied in age from five to twelve.  It was wonderful to see the older girls help and teach the younger ones.  I love seeing them work together.  It added to the experience.

We also got to spend one night under the stars.  It was a lot of fun to sleep outside as opposed to the tents.  We got to stargaze and wake up with dew covering us.  I slept the best that night.  I need to explore if this is a possibility for troop camp.  I think it would be great for the girls to sleep outside and see what a dark sky really looks like.

A favorite funny memory involves Daughter.  We were at the shelter and she had walked to the covered garbage bins to throw some trash away.  It was dusk and the bins are several yards away from the shelter.  I look up, and Daughter is walking back with the garbage.  I asked her if everything is ok.  She very calmly states that there is a raccoon in the bin.  The counselor pops up to go check.  She later admitted she thought Daughter was joking (if only she knew my daughter and how rare that is ;-).  The counselor lifts the lid, and suddenly screams and runs away.  We all break out laughing.  I wish I had a video of it.  Evidently, there really was a raccoon and it jumped out at her and then scurried off.  The look of terror on her face was priceless.  Thankfully, she has a wonderful sense of humor and was able to laugh about it later.

Things things all made camp more enjoyable!

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Bridgett said...

Love it. The raccoon.

Yes you can sleep under the stars. If you're in a shady spot (Kiamecia for instance), seek out some hammocks!