Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back To School

I can not believe school has started!  I now have a 7th, 6th, and 3rd grader.  Where did the summer go?! It went by so fast.  The kids are ready.  They miss their friends and the structure.  I find myself feeling sad and a little lost. I have plenty to do, but where to begin? It is so quiet without the kids home. I need to set up a schedule for myself or nothing may get done.

My school doesn't start for a couple more weeks.  I am trying to figure out what class to take.  I only need one more elective, my capstone (which I will do next semester) and two one-credit classes.  I had thought about doing a one-credit course this fall (along with the 3-credit elective), but they are restructuring the program, so I am not sure that will be possible.  I am torn between two classes for this fall.  One is studying the sustainability of the built environment and the other is supply chain management.  My liberal arts side wants the former, but my business brain wants the latter.  Since I have a MSW with an emphasis in Social and Economic Development, I am not sure I will learn a lot more in the built environment class.  I am trying to use my money wisely and am thinking that I know very little about supply chain management.  If I want to work for a business - this is the area that sustainable planning can have a huge impact.  But, most of my school friends will be taking the built environment class and I get a lot out of their companionship.  Choices!!!

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