Monday, August 27, 2012

Getting Back into the UU Groove

This past weekend I was at a board retreat for three of the UU districts.  We were discussing our future and how we see the future of UU in the Midwest.  It was very inspiring.  Sometimes I think we get too wrapped up in our own congregations and fail to see the bigger picture.  While the people at the retreat are visionaries, I struggle how to bring that home.  As congregationalists, it is easy to invest yourself in your community, but, on the flip side, to not see your place in the larger organization.  Or, for that matter, care about the larger organization.  I think we all know people who are DA/GA junkies, but the average layperson tends to not get wrapped up in institutional polity. It is a shame. I get tired of hearing how the UUA doesn't reflect what is going on in congregations.  It is up to you to be engaged.  Just like you can't complain if you don't vote, the same goes for UUA policies.  I am not sure where this is really going, but to encourage to you get more involved.  I want UU to flourish, but we need your help.

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