Monday, October 29, 2012

Painful October

My favorite aunt passed away last night.  She is the one who went to the ER two weekends ago (see previous post). I can't believe it.  While she suffered from pulmonary fibrosis, she was doing well.  When I visited her in the hospital, she was her usual chatty self.  She was even joking how she had to revise her bucket list and might not make it to Valencia. I am just heartbroken.  I am also heartbroken for her sons (my age) and their children.  She was such a unique, funny, and passionate person.  Even though I rarely got to see her, I always felt a special connection with her.  She got me and I got her.  I can't believe she is gone.

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Sara said...

Oh no - hugs and prayers and I'm so sorry. So much all at once - you are in my thoughts and prayers.