Friday, October 26, 2012

Rough October

This past few weeks have been hard.  Every time I turn around another *surprise* hits. In the vein of Bridgett at South City Musings, I am going to attempt a "but..." list.

My Grandpa died.  It was horribly sad.  But, he had a long life, a loving family, and was ready to go.

I got ANOTHER speeding ticket.  But, it was on the way to South Dakota to see family I haven't seen in years and the ticket was worth it to get there sooner.

On the eve of grandpa's funeral, my aunt was rushed to the ER in Aberdeen due to lung problems.  But, it was fortunate that everyone was in town so we could all be there to support her and her sons in this difficult time.

My project in the class I am taking fell completely through, but we were assigned a new one that should be much more manageable.

My grandma (on the other side) has decided to stop eating. She is done. But, she has family that will make sure she is as comfortable as possible. And I am so grateful we got to see her this summer.

I had to cancel a lunch date with a new friend FOUR times, but we finally met this week and I am so thankful that we did.

My uncle has been diagnosed with acute leukemia. But, he has six brothers and sisters so hopefully they will find a good bone marrow match.

We received a letter from the IRS that we are being audited.  Actually, I am trying to see the positive in this, but can't!  All I can say is I am grateful a classmate of mine is a tax attorney.

I am knocking on wood that November greets us with a warm, reassuring hug.


Heather said...

I love the "but list" concept. I think we'll start using it!

Sara said...

I'm sorry for the rough patch. The "but list" concept is great, though.

Bridgett said...

Oh me too! I cannot wait to turn that calendar page over. Your events sound quite parallel to mine. And I'm sorry.