Thursday, October 4, 2012

The USA Today Article

Did you all read this: Unitarian Faith Growing Stronger Nationwide?  What did you think?  I was quite surprised to see UU in a national publication.  I have also been under the impression that we are actually shrinking as a faith.  According to the UU World article by Chris Walton, UUA membership is in decline.  Perhaps there is a disconnect between UUA membership and UU identification?  I would love to think that our inclusive message is spreading and growing, but is it really?  While I did think the article was pretty fair, I was very disappointed in the last paragraph.  The author built UU up as a progressive faith only to end it with a quote that we are not spreading the "true" word.  Once again, reinforcing the stereotype that because UUs are not necessarily Christian, that our message is not worth hearing.

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John Hansen said...

I always under the assumption that Unitarian Universalism was on the decline in the US so it's interesting to hear that it's growing. I'd be interested in learning if the new members came from mainline Christian churches or were non-chuchgoers who decided to go UU. I wonder where the growth is coming from.